DNA analysis + Blood markers analysis + Oral & Gut microbiome analysis

A simple home kit unlocking a new world of knowledge about YOU.


A quick & easy process, in the comfort of your home.

Step 1
Order your kit on our online shop

We ship worldwide. Receive your kit, follow instructions to collect your DNA (by spitting in the kit), your blood and gut microbiome.

Step 2
Send everything back to us

Put your samples in the prepaid envelope and arrange to have them shipped back to one of our warehouses.

Step 3
Wait 4 to 6 weeks

Our lab analyses your samples and makes your results available on your Jinomz account within 6-9 weeks (depending on the volume of customers).

Step 4
Take actions

Get access to an amazing knowledge about you and what is happening inside you with tons of advice to follow. Get your 3D-printed personalised supplements & skincare products according to them.

A truly all-in one test

Get a comprehensive understanding of your body biochemistry with more than +250 online reports.
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Please note that this is an educational service and not a medical diagnosis.
+100 Health reports

Prevention is better than cure! Learn if you are at risk of certain health conditions (including cancers) and take actions with your health care provider in order to prevent them. Note that approximately all of these reports contain prevention strategies.

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Where does your DNA come from ?
Ancestry reports

Our DNA test finds out your ancestry breakdown across our 31 populations worldwide by finding your genetic traces through the power of science.

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We remove guesswork when it comes to build muscle & burn fat
Training & nutrigenetics reports

One size does not fit all. Do what is best for you and not for everyone else. We interpret your results in order to, not only give you a better insight on how your body operates with training & nutrition, but also personalized workout & diet advice.

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Fix your brain chemistry
Brain reports

Improve your brain function health by understanding how your results affect your neurotransmitters pathways (dopamine, serotonin, ...). Then take action by personalizing your brain support supplements.

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The science of pharmacogenetics
Drugs reports

Our DNA plays a major role in managing our response to various medications and their side effects. We use the science of pharmacogenetics to study how your DNA might affect your response to drugs, so you and your health care provider may develop effective and safe medication dosages.

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Hard science meets beauty
Skin beauty reports

Learn the right preventative steps to improve your skins future, and take action by personalizing your skin support products.

Powered by hard science, not guesswork.

Your DNA is your 'blueprint' making you uniquely you.

Why does Jinomz test your DNA?

Our genes are the whole body's instruction manual, a manual that instructs our body how to function. That's why Jinomz tests your DNA to learn more about what is really happening inside you. Check out our video below for more information.
We are the first company on the market to perform a low-coverage sequencing method. Learn more here.
Identifying & understanding the function of the microbes in your gut with a microbiome test.

Why does Jinomz test your gut microbiome?

The microorganisms in your gut produce a very high number of chemicals, known as metabolites, that influence your health, fitness & wellness. Some of these can be beneficial to our health such as short chain fatty acids and vitamin B, some others can be rather harmful, like TMAO, which develops coronary artery disease.

We can determinate which metabolites they produce by testing the genes that your microbes express. In other words, we can identify their role in your body.

How can a microbiome test improve your health, fitness & wellness?

  • Introduce useful (but lacking) bacteria with probiotics supplements
  • Target foods that are most suitable to your metabolism
  • Optimize your absorption & digestion
  • Upregulate production of beneficial metabolites
  • Downregulate production of harmful metabolites
  • Better understanding of what is happening inside you
We use Metatranscriptome Sequencing. It identifies all bacteria and all other living organisms in your gut: yeast, archaea, viruses, parasites, furgi, and bacteriophages. It also detects which metabolites are being produced and which are missing so actionable recommendations can be made
50% of data needed for an accurate health management is in your blood.

Why does Jinomz analyse your blood markers?

Unlike genetics, blood biomarkers are dynamic and can be regulated by basic actions such as lifestyle, supplements, workout, and diet changes. By combining it with a DNA test you are able to determine what is currently going on in your body and provide a whole new level of understanding of your health.

Full details on our blood test (list of markers we analyse) on our online shop section.

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