How Jinomz reinvents your health?

By analyzing you...
We offer the most innovative home testing to know your exact biochemistry.
Then turning your data, into action...
We offer an easy to understand interpretation of your data unlocking a new world of personalised information about your: Health + Ancestry + Fitness + Skin + Medication + Wellness.
And creating your personalized supplements & skincare products
We design your personalized products according to your results, needs & goals. OR design your own.

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Precision medicine company

1. We analyse

Precision medicine is a revolutionary medical model allowing the customization of healthcare. Prevention is better than cure, such is its motto. Jinomz offers the most advanced all-in one at-home precision medicine service (for educational purposes only). Learn more about what's happening inside you & take steps towards living a healthier life.

Our formula = DNA analysis + Blood markers analysis + Oral & Gut microbiome analysis
Artifical intelligence

2. We interprete

When it comes to precision medicine, "precision" matters. Our team of PhDs has built the most complex precision medicine algorithm. Our artificial intelligence reviews all your analyses data in order to develop your easy-to-read interpretation online reports and 3D-printed personalized supplements & skincare products. Find out what your analyses say about your :
Health + Ancestry + Fitness + Skin + Medication + Wellness
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Personalized supplements & skincare

3. We create

By combining the latest 3D printing technology, we design your personalized supplements and/or personalized skincare products based on your results. Customize the quantity of every ingredient, the size of capsules, and even the release of the ingredients!New! For example, avoid energy drops by getting your caffeine released in your blood every 2 hours, without the need to drink a cup of coffee.

Note: Our personalized supplements & personalized skincare services are available with OR without our analysis services.
Disclaimer: This is not a medical test. Our services are for informational & educational purposes only.

Precision medicine made simple

Get a comprehensive understanding of yourself in the confort of your own home. Order your Jinomz kit on our online shop, follow instructions to collect your DNA, blood & microbiome and send everything back to us in the prepaid envelope. Receive your results within few weeks on our online interface and take actions by following our recommendations, reviewing them with your physician, and ordering your 3D-printed personalized supplements and/or personalized skincare products.

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Jinomz kit

Jinomz Analysis

Full all-in one analysis to get a better insight into your health, fitness, overall wellness & ancestryNew!.

Jinomz Supplements

All-in one 3D-printed personalized supplements according to your needs and/or Jinomz Analysis results.

Jinomz Skincare

All-in one personalized skincare products according to your skin concerns and/or your Jinomz Analysis results.